Walter Will Wait With You

in those awkward moments when life won't go away.

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How To Be Alone According To Walter

In which Walter shows how to be by oneself and still like oneself. 

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In the Dark, Walter Will Wait With You

In which Walter happens upon a Good Thing when his world threatened to end

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Why will Walter always wait with you?

Reason #1

He can't wait to see you.

Walter has been waiting on the shelf all day in the dusty Forgotteness, and he hasn't stopped thinking about YOU, his most favorite reader.

Reason #2

Life's too awkward to wait alone.

We all need a friend who listens and will fill up the awkward, empty space after with encouraging words.

Reason #3

You are worth waiting with.

Walter knows a good egg when he sees one. He can see it in your soulful eyes and the thoughts he can see being thunk while you read to yourself.

Walter wants to get to know you! 

Invite him over for a chat.

He'll come visit your inbox to cheer you up and see how you're doing.