Walter the Waiting Book

because some things are worth their wait in gold.

Awkward Introductions

If you ever wonder

What I see when I look at you

Know this, Dear Reader:

I can see up your nose

Every time you tower over me.

This is the plight of all books

Lying helplessly in the hands

That come our way.

Don’t sweat about it,

At least not on me,

Because every Reader has a nose

And everyone’s nose looks a little ugly from underneath.

I don’t mind your nose a bit.

I think your nose is lovely.


I’m not making a great introduction.

My name is Walter.

I’m an awkward, unfinished book.

At least some people say that when they leave me.

And I’ve been waiting for a long time to see anyone.

It can be lonely on a dusty shelf,

But it was worth it, to find you.

I must admit---

I’m a bit odd.

I stutter

And can’t get my words


Like normal books. They go on and on in lines across the vast expanses and are eloquent and avant garde and never mention the view of double chins

From down here.

But I thought you would like to know

That I

For all my awkwardness,

Will wait with you

The whole long time

You wait.

Pick me up or put me down

I will wait with you

And I will be honest with you.

Other books have plots and twists

Cooked up ahead of time

They will BARGE through

with what they want to say

All the while ignoring

The look in your eyes

When a phrase reminds you of someone you loved

Or when a tear falls onto the page.

Other books have an agenda.

But me

I can stop. and. wait.

I’m here for you,

Nose hairs and all.